Nathan Wilson wants to make a difference to the lives of men with intellectual disabilities.

He is studying a PhD in Medicine at the Centre for Developmental Disability Studies at the University of Sydney.

"I was lucky enough to be awarded some funds by Blue Mountains Health Trust which helped me in a major way," Nathan said.

Blue Mountains Health Trust was there from the beginning for Blue Mountains Cancer Help.

Founder and director Robyn Yates says the group started with nothing but a desire to support local people with cancer. Blue Mountains Health Trust made that dream a reality by donating money for essentials such as a computer, laptop, digital camera, office equipment and a massage table.

Marcus Blues is studying Medical Science at the University of Western Sydney and was awarded a $5000 scholarship by Blue Mountains Health Trust.

"It's given me the freedom to study without the added pressure of having to work long hours to support myself through university," Marcus said.

Tragically, Olivia was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the age of five and after surgery, was left with many problems which have affected her ability to study. She lost the sight in one eye and has problems with her short term memory.

This was devastating to Olivia and her parents, Paul and Simone as it frustrated Olivia from achieving her goals in class.

Michelle Chaplin's mother, Cheryl believes Megalong Positioning Service saved her daughter's life.

The service was able to help Michelle and Cheryl because it was granted $15,000 by Blue Mountains Health Trust to fit out a mobile wheelchair workshop.

Amanda Wilshire is in her first year of a Bachelor of Psychology at the University of Western Sydney. She loves her course and has high hopes for her career.

But like most students, Amanda sometimes finds it hard to find the moeny to pay for study-related expenses. Blue Mountains Health Trust was able to help and Amanda she bought a laptop computer to help with her study.